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1. The Bone Mineral Density Values of Women in Alanya and Regional Turkish Community: Cross-sectional Comparative Study
Yıl: 2018 Cilt: 2 Sayı: 2 Sayfa Aralığı: 111 - 115
Veri Tabanı: Fen

Aim: In this study; we aimed to investigate the BMD values of healthy Turkish women living in Alanya and the region and to compare them with the studies performed in different regions of our country. Methods: The DXA results of 376 patients who met the inclusion criteria from the healthy participants who applied to Alanya Education and Research Hospital in 2017 were evaluated. Results: The mean age of the 376 participants included in the study was 62.47, the mean body mass index (BMI) was 28.62, and the mean vertebra t score was -1, 82 ± 2.34 while the mean hip t score was -0.93 ± 1.02. There was a statistically significant difference between the two cities in the 40-49 and 50-59 age groups. Kastamonu mean BMD was higher. No statistically significant difference was found between the two cities in the 60-69 age group, whereas there was a statistically significant difference between the two cities. In the age groups of 70-79 and 80 years, and in the age group above. The mean values of the Alanya BMD were higher. There was no statistically significant difference between the two cities in both the 40-49 age group and the 80 age group. However, there was a statistically significant difference between the two cities in the 50-59 years, 60-69 years and 70-79 age groups. The mean values of Alanya BMD were higher. Conclusion: regional outcomes and differences are important factors in interpreting BMD values. These differences may be the effect of locally utilizing the sunlight, but may also be influenced by regional nutritional habits. In addition, the differences in DXA devices used for BMD measurement and technical standards should be taken into consideration during measurements.

2. Is There an Effect of Patient’s Age, Weight, Height and Body Mass Index on Positioning Errors During Scan Acquisition of Dual X-ray Absorptiometry?
Yıl: 2018 Cilt: 24 Sayı: 1 Sayfa Aralığı: 21 - 25
Veri Tabanı: Fen

Objective: Patient positioning during dual energy X-ray absorptiometry examination is important in assessing bone mineral density. While the role of the technician is considered important on correct positioning, the effect of the patient characteristics on positioning is not adequately explained. The aim of this study is investigate whether postmenopausal women’s characteristics such as age, weight, height, and body mass index affect the positioning errors. Materials and Methods: Dual energy X-ray absorptiometry reports and files of postmenopausal women were reviewed retrospectively. According to the values of body mass index three groups were formed; normal, overweight and obese. Forty one patients were included in each group. Only the images of the Hologic dual energy X-ray absorptiometry device were participated to assessment. Patients with positioning error were identified using the lumbar and hip region images in the dual energy X-ray absorptiometry output reports. The difference in positioning error rates between the body mass index groups was determined by Pearson’s chi-square test. The effect of age, height, weight, and body mass index of patients on positioning errors was examined by simple linear regression analysis. Results: Distribution of positioning errors between normal, overweight and obese groups were determined as 35.3% (36), 29.4% (30), and 35.3% (36), respectively. The distribution of correctly positioned patients in the same groups were; 23.8% (5), 52.4% (11), and 23.8% (5), respectively. No statistically significant difference was found between the groups in terms of positioning errors (Pearson’s chi-square, p=0.127). Conclusion: Patient characteristics such as age, height, weight, and body mass index do not affect positioning errors statistically significant level.

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