(Duzce University, Faculty of Forestry, 81620, Düzce, Turkey)
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Effect of rotational grazing on some soil properties in Düzce of Turkey
Pastures, one of the four important vegetation types in the world, have great potential not only in terms of forage production for animals, but also in terms of biological diversity. Yet, the pressure of continuous and overgrazing on pastures in Turkey affects both vegetation and soil negatively. Overgrazing leads to soil compaction, thus, soil permeability is influenced in a negative way. It is possible to remove these negative influences via amendment methods or reorganizing grazing. In this study, it was researched how short duration rotational grazing influenced some soil properties in a pasture where uncontrolled heavy grazing for many years in Düzce. As a result of the study, soil properties affected by rotational grazing at most were permeability and bulk density. While the value of bulk density increased from 1.19 gr cm-3 to 1.30 gr cm-3 in the continuous grazing pastures, it decreased from 1.38 gr cm-3 to 1.26 gr cm-3 in the rotational grazing pastures. It was demonstrated in the study that organizing grazing systems in the pastures can improve soil permeability and bulk density to a great extent.
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