(Suleyman Demirel University, Faculty of Forestry, Department of Soil Science and Ecology, 32200, Isparta, Turkey)
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Quantum analysis for biological communities using presence data
The concepts, quantities and the explanations, found in books dealing with quantum ecology (Orlóci 2013- 2015) have a profound potential to serve the assessments of biological community data from an ecological point of view. However, the data matrices subjected to quantum analysis are quantitative and vegetation related. Therefore, the answer to the following question has remained unresolved: Is it possible to calculate energy-based entropy nH, and the related H and instability %, based on presence data from biological communities at large? The present study was motivated to find a reasonable way for adaptation of presence community data to quantum analysis. To do this, the T and n terms, by which nH is parameterized, are changed to Tt and n´t terms by making the Tt values a function of taxonomic distance Tt and setting n´t equal to (n 2 − n)/ 2. Reasonable results were obtained on both the stand (complex) and the metacommunity levels. Since the results are based on the transformations of artificial data, confirmation of the approach is required in further studies using both presence and quantitative data sets from real communities.
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