Saliha Unver OKAN
(Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty of Forestry, 61080, Trabzon, Turkey)
H. Hulusi ACAR
(Karadeniz Technical University, Faculty of Forestry, 61080, Trabzon, Turkey)
Yıl: 2017Cilt: 67Sayı: 1ISSN: 0535-8418 / 1309-6257Sayfa Aralığı: 93 - 102İngilizce

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Evaluation of satisfaction levels from workwears of forest fire workers
Nowadays, the use of appropriate work clothes in each work lines is mandatory with 4857 labor law. Forestry activities are performed in the open air, difficult working conditions and under the influence of various risk factors. Forest fire workers who work in the forest fire extinguishing and cooling have worked at the greatest risk operations. The majority of these workers work in the status of seasonal workers. In fire season, the fire workers usually wear work clothes for the day and stay in barracks in the forest. Work clothes of fire workers are brightly colored to be visible in the forest, fire-resistant and suitable forest conditions. It is important that to provide easy movement, to be effective against air conditions and to conform to the body features of workers of forest fire clothing in terms of health and safety. In this study, it has been assessed that satisfaction levels of forest fires worker from work clothes. It was applied a questionnaire to 44 forest fire workers. Data were analyzed statistically and solutions were developed.
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