(Sakarya University, Pamukova Vocational School, Turkey)
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Toxic - Hazardous Substances Found in Plants in a Natural Pasture Protected from Grazing and Their Effects on Animals
The study was conducted to determine plants possibly toxic-hazardous to animals in the floristic composition of a natural pasture protected from grazing for long years. The study area was a 30 hectares area located in the military garrison of the Tokat province, on which studies were carried out between the years 1993-2012. In the floristic composition of the study area, 211 plant species belonging to 37 families and 132 genera were identified. 53 species, which make up 25.1% of the species identified and which belong to 19 families and 36 genera were recognized as possibly toxic-hazardous to animal health and products due to the chemicals they contain. The weight of toxic-hazardous plants in the total dry herbage yield (12.025 kg ha-1) of the study area was 12% in total (approximately 1.440 kg ha-1), of which 10% came from 13 plants belonging to the legumes family and 2% came from 40 plant species belonging to 18 other families.
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