(Kırıkkale University, Department of Industrial Engineering, 71450, Yahşihan, KIRIKKALE)
(Kırıkkale University, Department of Industrial Engineering, 71450, Yahşihan, KIRIKKALE)
(Kırıkkale University, Department of Industrial Engineering, 71450, Yahşihan, KIRIKKALE)
(Kırıkkale University, Department of Computer Engineering, 71450, Yahşihan, KIRIKKALE)
(Kırıkkale University, Department of Industrial Engineering, 71450, Yahşihan, KIRIKKALE)
Yıl: 2018Cilt: 6Sayı: 2ISSN: 2147-4575 / 2147-4575Sayfa Aralığı: 19 - 24İngilizce

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Design of a Tracking Welding Robot Automation System for Manufacturing of Steam and Heating Boilers
For satisfying customers companies want to respond to customer requests on time. At the same time, they expect production process to be completed with low cost and low loss. For this reason, the importance of mechanization and automation in production sector has increased. As a result, companies have begun to give more importance to robotic systems, which are the basic components of automation systems. Despite the likelihood of mistakes caused by physiological and mental states of humans, these systems can perform operations precisely without any variability. In this study, an application was carried out for the automation of welding process of industrial type boilers in different sizes and features. For products of which standard measurements or welding operations are difficult to perform manually, a robotic system was proposed in which measurement and welding operations can be performed automatically. In addition, operators are prevented from exposure to gas and light via the proposed system which enables a safer working condition.
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