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Should We Look For Blood Parathormone in Patients with Vertigo?
Aim: Though vertigo is a symptom which is defined by an individual as spinning of themselves or an object, it is generally defined by the patients as the sensation of falling, disequilibrium, dizziness and fainting. The main problem on the patients is the determination of the underlying illness. Most of vertigos have peripheral causes and benign paroxysmal positional vertigo takes the first place. It is followed by peripheral and central causes. Patients usually consult the policlinics of Ear, Nose and Throat, internal medicine, neurology in addition to emergency departments with balance disorders. These patients undergo examinations, screening methods, audiology and balance tests and routine blood tests. Material and Method: In this study in which 397 patients who consulted the hospital with complaints of vertigo between 2011 and 2017 evaluated retrospectively. Results: In our study, first of all peripheral causes and 44.8% of these were benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. Hyperparathyroidism was detected in 4 (1%) of the cases in our patient groups that the only complaint was dizziness and there were no other characteristics in the examinations. Parathyroid adenoma was detected in three of them and hyperplasia was detected in the other. In the ones who had adenoma after parathyroidectomy and in the other case after bisphosphonate treatment, both parathormone levels decreased to normal and vertigo complaints totally disappeared. Conclusion: It is recommended that parathormone values should be taken into account in the blood tests during the process of diagnosis in vertigo patients.
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