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Introduction: This study was conducted to determine ageism-related attitudes of paramedics working at the 112 emergency ambulance services and students attending the paramedic programmes. Materials and Method: The sample universe of this cross-sectional study consisted of the paramedics working at İzmir Provincial Medical Emergency Service Department as well as the students attending the paramedic programmes of three universities in the province of İzmir. No specific sampling was done because the intention was to cover the entire sampling universe. The total number of the participants were 501 (305 students and 196 professional paramedics). The Ageism Attitude Scale, the validity and reliability of which was tested by Yılmaz, was used as the data collection tool. Collection time area of this work was between March-April 2019. Results: Of the professional paramedics and paramedic students who participated in the study, 61.3% were female. The paramedics had a mean scale score of 84.36±9.57 and they had positive ageism-related attitudes. The ‘Positive Ageism’, ‘Negative Ageism’ and ‘Total Ageism’ scores of the professional paramedics were found to be higher. The female participants were found to have significantly higher ‘Restricting the Life of the Elderly’ scores whereas male participants had significantly higher ‘Positive Ageism’ scores. Of the female professional paramedics and paramedic students, the female professional paramedics had significantly higher ‘Positive Ageism’, ‘Negative Ageism’ and ‘Total Ageism’ scores. Transition from being student to professional working life and seniority in employment led to an increase in positive attitudes towards ageism. Conclusion: It was concluded that the professional paramedics and paramedic students had generally positive ageism attitudes.
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