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Is It Possible to Discriminate Active MS Lesions with Diffusion Weighted Imaging?
Objective: Patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) are at a risk of gadolinium deposition because of multiple control imaging. Therefore, it is important to determine biomarkers that can differentiate active and chronic lesions without using contrast agent. This study aimed to assess mean apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) values and signal intensities (SI) on diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) values of active and nonactive lesions. Materials and Methods: We included 25 patients in this study. We measured mean ADC values and SI on DWI of the randomly selected active and nonactive lesions and normal appearing white matter (NAWM) for all patients with MS. SI on DWI and ADC values were normalized to the SI of the CSF. We compared all of the measurements between active and nonactive lesions, active lesions and NAWM, and nonactive lesions and NAWM. SI on DWI and mean ADC values of normal healthy white matter (NHWM) of control group were measured. A comparison was made between NHWM and NAWM. Results: For patients with active lesions, the mean nADC value was 0.35±0.06 for active lesions and 0.30±0.07 for nonactive lesions (p>0.050). The mean nDWI-SI value was 3.69±0.68 for active lesions was 3.39±0.68 for nonactive lesions (p<0.050). When patients with and without active lesions were compared, both nDWI values and nADC values for active and nonactive lesions were statistically insignificant (p>0.050). Discussion: In MS lesions, diffusion alternations can be quantitatively evaluated with ADC mapping. Lesions seen in patients with MS have higher mean ADC values than NAWM and NHWM.
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