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(Dicle University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Diyarbakır, TURKEY.)
Yıl: 2020Cilt: 11Sayı: 1ISSN: 1309-8640 / 2146-4391Sayfa Aralığı: 135 - 141İngilizce

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Neutron and Ion Production with Various Applied Voltages in Spherical Plasma Focus
In this work, the applied voltage effect on neutron yield and ion production are studied by varying the charging voltage between 15 kV and 30 kV with 1 kV increment to investigate neutron yield, radiation emissions and ion properties using the developed MHD model. While Joule heating, radiative recombination, bremsstrahlung and line radiation are calculated as radiation terms, beam-ion speed, energy and density are calculated as ion properties. The dominant neutron production mechanism is beam-target which results from the accelerated energetic ions under the diode voltage which is calculated along with neutron yield. In this study, while maximum neutron yield is 2.63 1013 for 30 kV charging voltage, beamion energy and speed reach 61 keV and 240 cm/µs, respectively.
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