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The Effect of Rose Water (Rosa damascena mill) Supplementation in Broiler Rations on Growth Performance, Some Carcass Parameters and Intestinal Histomorphology
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of added to different levels of rose waterbroiler diets on growth performance, some carcass parameters and intestinal histomorphology. Inthe literature on the conducted research, there are very few studies about the use of rose water inanimal as feed additive. A total of 216 day-old chicks were randomly divided into 3 groups eachcontaining 72 chicks. While the control group was fed with basal ration, the experimental groupswere fed with rose water supplementation at 2% and 4% dose, respectively, in addition to the basicration. At the end of the experiment, the use of rose water in the rations did not statisticallyaffected live weight (LW), live weight gain (LWG) and feed intake (FI), but feed conversion ratio(FCR) was adversely affected. In the study, hot carcass weight was positively affected while someinternal organ weights were not affected by the addition rose water. On the 21st and 35th days of theexperiment, when histolomorpfology of ileum and jejenum were examined, it was observed thatvillus height, crypt depth and villus height: crypt depth ratio were not affected by rose wateraddition. On the 21st day of the study, ileum and jejenum and on the 35th day of the study, ileumvillus heights were positively affected by the addition of rose water numerically. In conclusion, hotcarcass weight and intestinal health were positively affected by rose water. However, performanceand some internal organ weights were not affected.
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