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Migration exists from the beginning of human history. However, the concept of governance of global migration can be seen as newly topic in global politics. The article aims to argue the history of global migration governance as Betts and Kainz’s division of migration history because the article needs this historical division to understand desirability and feasibility of global migration governance and to evaluate the possibility of a World Migration Organisation. This division of migration history is divided in four periods. First period is in between 1919-1989, that called as early migration governance period. The second period is to take stock period in between 1990-2007. The third period is in between 2007-2015. The fourth and last period is in between 2016-2018 or it can be called as from 2016 to current developments. Then the article claims that global migration governance is necessary and discusses the feasibility and desirability of global migration governance. The article asserts that global migration governance is politically feasible and normatively desirable. Finally, the article examines about discussions of global migration governance in general. The research method of this article is the literature review of the concept of global migration governance. With gathering and collecting the articles in global migration title which this examining discovers that establishing a World Migration Organisation is possible with global migration governance is politically feasible and normatively desirable.
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