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Investigation a Fuzzy Logic-based Controller for Step-up Converters
Considering the increasing use of intelligent DC-DC converters especially in Renewable Energy Sources (RESs) applications, designinga proper control system is important and can increase the efficiency and reliability. In normal operating conditions, each DC-DC powerconverter structure, often has a constant voltage control loop in the converter output and a duty cycle controller in the semiconductorpower switch side of the converter. The classical methods have a proportional–integral–derivative (PID) controller in their feedbackcontrol loop. The problem with these controllers is that in non-linear systems such as DC-DC converters, their behavior is only optimalat the point of operation of the system. A fuzzy logic controller can be used to improve their behavior in large signal variation scenarios.In addition, the behavior of the system in normal conditions and in the event of an error in the converter, has a significant improvement.In this paper, the principles of fuzzy logic are used to control the Boost converter. Since the output voltage of the converter should bestable against system errors such as noise, load changings, and input voltage variations, the novelty of the designed fuzzy controller isbased on the input-output information of the previous designed controllers as well as the experimental knowledge based on the timedependent variables. By using the fuzzy logic controller, the system parameters will be stable against these volatilities. Performanceconditions are simulated using MATLAB software.
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