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Radiotherapy in Patients with Trachea Tumours: A Retrospective Study and Literature Review
OBJECTIVE In this study, we aimed to evaluate our patients with tracheal tumours treated with primary or adjuvant radiotherapy (RT) and to review the current literature on the subject. METHODS Between 1998 and 2017, eight patients underwent RT. Their median age was 37 years (15–53). The diagnosis was adenoid cystic carcinoma in five patients, squamous cell carcinoma in three patients and mucoepidermoid carcinoma in one patient. Resection type was R0 (1), R1 (4), R2 (1), and biopsy (2). The median tumour size was 2.6 cm (2–5). Median 59.4 Gy RT (32.4–66.6) was given, and weekly cisplatin was administered to four patients concomitantly. RESULTS With a median follow-up of 85 months (4–189), five patients were alive. The 5-year overall and diseasefree survival rates were 83% and 67%, respectively. There was no local recurrence in any patient. In one patient who had a complete response with curative chemo-RT, dilatation was performed five times in 10 years because tracheal stenosis developed at 60 months. CONCLUSION Trachea tumours are rare, and the primary treatment is surgery. Adjuvant RT is controversial in R0 cases. In unresectable cases, RT is the primary treatment modality. We believe that our treatment results will contribute to the literature on the subject.
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