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May Smoking and Alcohol Consumption Worsen the Spermiogram Results?
OBJECTIVE: In recent years, the number of infertile couples who desire pregnancy with assisted reproduction techniques is increasing. Smoking and alcohol consumption are important factors affectingthe treatment of fertility and assisted reproductive techniques. To evaluate the effect of smoking and alcohol consumption on spermiogram resultsSTUDY DESIGN: This prospective case-control study was conducted at current urology and infertilitydepartment in a tertiary research hospital and a total of 6171 cases included in the study. Data collectedand evaluated were age and sperm parameters (liquefaction, semen volume, sperm concentration, totalnumber, total motility, progressive motility, slow motility, non-progressive motility, morphology).RESULTS: Of 6171 patients; a total of 3247 men was smoker (n:3247, %52.6) and 3511 was alcoholusers (n:3511, %56.9). Mean age of the patients in the study group was 32.8±6.5 years. There was a statistically significant difference between the smoker and nonsmoker in terms of sperm concentration andslow motility (p <0.05). There was a statistically significant difference between alcohol consumption andno alcohol consumption in terms of; semen volume, sperm concentration, normal morphology (p <0.05).CONCLUSION: According to this study, smoking has a negative effect on sperm concentration and slowmotility. Alcohol consumption has a negative impact on semen volume, sperm concentration, normalmorphology. Smoking and alcohol consumption separately and combined were found to have a deleterious effect on sperm parameters. It is suggested that both habits may contribute to infertility problems.
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