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Neo-Racism in the Age of Populism: The Immigrant Crisisin Europe
In recent years, there has been a global increase in populist politicsaimed at manipulating the public’s feelings and gaining political interest.The tremendous developments in communication technology spreadpopulist discourses more, and thus causes the perception that we live in anage of populism. This research article on the immigrant crisis in Europe focuseson the populist discourse that has a neo-racist tendency about anti-immigration. Within this framework, some populist discourses of Europeanpoliticians are analysed, and secondary quantitative data related tothis issue is used. Especially in situations of social, political and economiccrisis, immigrants in European countries are stigmatised as the main culprits.This stigma, which is seen not only in the far right but also sometimesin left politics, is generally used for immigrants coming from non-Westerncountries, especially from Muslim countries. Muslims among immigrantgroups in European countries are often criticised for not being integratedinto the mainstream society, and the arguments related to this issueare often expressed in a populist and pragmatic way. The main argument ofthe study is that one of the main threats to national unity and solidarity inEuropean countries is the populist, neo-racist and Islamophobic discourseused against immigrants.
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