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Heterotopic Ossification in Shoulder and Knee as a Rare Complication of Hemiplegia Following Ischemic Stroke
Neurogenic heterotopic ossification (HO) is a complication of neurologic disorders which is characterized by formation of new extra osseous in soft tissue surrounding peripheral joints. HO can cause pain, progressive decrease in range of joint motion and a decline in functional capacity. We herein report a 52-year-old female patient with right hemiplegia due to ischemic stroke. She was admitted to the clinic with pain and limitation of movement in her right knee and shoulder for 6 months. Her imaging studies revealed HO. After 8 weeks of inpatient rehabilitation, shoulder range of motion improved but the contracture in the knee joint remained the same. HO is most commonly seen around the hip joint. However, in the presented case, it differs in that it is observed in the knee and shoulder. HO should be considered in the differential diagnosis of pain and joint limitation in patients with hemiplegia.
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