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1. A Rare Case: Malignant Granular Cell Tumor in Axillary Region
Yıl: 2019 Cilt: 4 Sayı: 4 Sayfa Aralığı: 106 - 109
Veri Tabanı: Fen

Granular cell tumors (GCT) are rare soft tissue tumors. Although it isfrequently seen in the upper extremity, it can be seen anywhere in thehuman body. The majority of tumor cases are benign and approximately2% are malignant. It is seen in the breast at a rate of 5-8%. They presentwith a slow growing, painless, mobile mass. The definitive diagnosis ismade histopathologically and the treatment is wide excision. A 75-yearold woman presented with an ulcerated exudative mass in the right axilla.Mastectomy and axillary dissection were performed by general surgery 8months ago for BIRADS 3 mass that was determined on mammographyin the right breast. Breast specimen was identified as a phyllodestumor. GCT was detected in five of thirty lmph nodes in the axilla.Incisional biopsy was performed on the axillary mass. Histopathologicalmeasurements showed S-100 and CD68 positivity, eosinophilic stainingin tumor cells and pleomorphic nuclei with marked nucleolus. The tumorwas removed with wide excision and the defect area was closed witha splint thickness skin graft. The pathological measurements revealedthat the GCT in the axilla was not a breast metastasis, it was actuallymalignant GCT which was originated from skin. Ki-67 proliferation indexwas found as 10%. Surgical margins were seen as tumor free. There wereno complications in the postoperative follow-up. GCTs in the axilla aregenerally seen as a result of breast metastasis and the vast majority arebenign. Malignant skin-derived GCT is a rare case.

2. Perforation of the small intestine caused by enteropathyassociated T cell lymphoma
Yıl: 2018 Cilt: 34 Sayı: 3 Sayfa Aralığı: 253 - 255
Veri Tabanı: Fen

Enteropathy-associated T cell lymphoma is a rare lymphoma specific to the gastrointestinal system, arising fromintraepithelial T lymphocytes, that is often associated with celiac disease. We report a 53-year-old female patientwith no previous disease who presented with severe abdominal pain. Physical examination revealed diffuse abdominal tenderness and abdominal guarding and the patient underwent emergency surgery with a diagnosis ofacute abdomen. During the operation, a 20-cm mass was found located on Treitz ligament, invading the duodenumand pancreatic head and perforating the jejunum. Histologically, medium-sized monomorphic atypical lymphocyteinfiltration with dark nucleus and narrow cytoplasm was seen in the layers of mucosa, submucosa, muscular wall,and serosa of the duodenum. The final pathological diagnosis was “enteropathy-associated T cell lymphoma type2” based on immunohistochemical and serological findings. Based on the World Health Organization 2008 criteria,enteropathy-associated T cell lymphoma has two subtypes. Type 1 enteropathy-associated T cell lymphoma is associated with celiac disease and has HLA DQ2 and HLA DQ8 genotype. Enteropathy-associated T cell lymphoma 2enteropathy-associated T cell lymphoma seldom occurs and is not associated with celiac disease.

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