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1. A comparison of clinical, hepatic and immunological effects of three different parenteral lipid emulsions in children
Yıl: 2020 Cilt: 6 Sayı: 6 Sayfa Aralığı: 600 - 608
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Objectives: Lipid emulsions are not only considered as a source of energy, but also as a regulatory substancefor key metabolic functions in different diseases. The aim of the present study was to compare clinical,biochemical and immunological effects of olive oil, soybean oil and omega-3 fatty acid which are administratedto the children in parenteral nutrition products.Methods: Patients who were admitted to pediatric intensive care unit and had parenteral nutrition for 7 daysare included in the study. The patients were randomised into 3 groups based on the admission order, including10 patients in each group. The children in Group O were fed by a lipid emulsion based on olive oil; the childrenin Group S were fed by a soybean based lipid emulsion and the children in group F were fed by soybean basedlipid emulsion with omega-3 based solution. Analysis were made on the first and the seventh day. Laboratoryparameters as well as hemogram, biochemical analysis, immunoglobulins, lymphocyte subgroup panel andcytokine levels were evaluated just before parenteral nutrition (day 0, basal value) and at day 7 of parenteralnutrition. Clinical monitoring parameters included body weight, and circumference of the mid-upper arm.Results: Thirty children were enrolled into the study. Total cholesterol and triglyceride levels significantlyincreased in Group O whereas triglyceride level significantly increased in Group S. Hemogram, liver functiontests, cytokine levels, lymphocyte sub-group distribution, immunoglobulin levels and total antioxidant capacitymeasurements were not different.Conclusions: Three lipid emulsions which are used for parenteral nutrition treatment in intensive care unitpatients are clinically and biochemically useful.

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